And Now For Something Completely Different


I have been using this WordPress site mainly as an online portfolio for about three years now. But I think it’s time for a change.

Lately I just have too many ideas and thoughts floating around in my head. I can’t do some sort of full article or project with all of them. But I want to do something. So I’ll join the blog-o-sphere. If anyone reads, great. If not, I’m getting this stuff out of my head! And I will have somewhere to post about the papers, presentations, and other activities I put out there in a more formal way.

I plan on posting two types of posts. One will be very short pieces on a favorite thing on Fridays – usually it will be related to archives and libraries, sometimes not. And then I’ll post about once a month on a longer topic. The first post will be next week, and it is about professionalism in the archival field.

Cheers – Lindsay


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