Friday Favorite: A Collaborative WWII Site

I’m going to post a favorite thing on Fridays. Today is the first post and I am posting two things, because this is my thing and I make the rules.

Home page for the American Air Museum in Britain.
Home page for the American Air Museum in Britain.

A little while ago the Imperial War Museum launched a new website for the American Air Museum in Britain. It is a beautiful website, and an ambitious attempt at creating a digital compendium of resources that is truly collaborative. I have been processing our military collections at work over the last year, and have naturally come across quite a few airmen who served in England and/or Scotland during the war. This website is great because it seeks to include everyone – pilots, mechanics, Americans, Brits, men, women – anyone who had any connection to the United States Air Force in Britain during World War II. I was able to connect information about one of our collections to the individual’s record on the site, which I was pretty excited about being able to do.


Bonus favorite thing: Last year I discovered a tabletop game called Marrying Mr. Darcy and it is hilarious and snarky and actually has good game mechanics. So I was very pleased to find that the creators are doing an expansion based around Austen’s Emma. They have a Kickstarter campaign going, if you feel so inclined, but I would recommend the game for all the people in your life who like a good game, even if they don’t love Jane Austen (blasphemy!).


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