Friday Favorite: A Dumb Archivists’ Toolkit Thing

Sometimes you see something online or at a conference that you didn’t even know you wanted. I’ve been so overwhelmed at work with cleaning up messes that I never really stopped to actually think about how I might change Archivists’ Toolkit (ATK) to help me with those messes. And then I saw someone’s interface in a screenshot at the Western Roundup conference in May and wondered how to make mine look like that. And then wondered why I hadn’t tried to make said changes already.

So I wanted to accomplish two things: one, make the keyword search in ATK better, and two, find a way to track records we had cleaned up.

So to do this, for those of you that have never looked into this:

You go to Setup > Configure Application > then double click the table you want to change. I wanted to change Accessions, so I double clicked Accessions and it brought up this stupid looking table:

CaptureAt this point, you then figure out what fields you want to appear in the return screen and what order you want them in. The main “Filter search results” box searches only what is on that return screen, so the more fields in the return screen the better your search will be (in theory…depends on the quality of the record of course…). Then double click the field names you want to edit and get a screen like this:

Capture2And you edit the Return Screen Order number to determine what will display and in what order. For me, I made accessionNumber as 1, Title as 2, Description as 3, etc.

Also in Configure Application you can changed the User Defined Fields. After double clicking Accessions again, scroll down to the user defined fields and double click the various user defined field types to edit the labels. I changed the Field Label of one of the Boolean (i.e. check boxes) to ‘Fixed?’ and am using that to track records we have cleaned up:

Capture3So now my Accessions return screen looks like this:

Capture4The way ATK functions all makes sense from a purely technical standpoint, but one hopes ArchivesSpace makes doing stuff like this a little more intuitive. Our ATK was largely fine as is until we started working towards cleaning things up in preparation for our migration, and I wonder how many other people are thinking the same thing with their instances of ATK.

Now if only someone could explain why the ‘Type’ options for the Subjects entries are MARC fields, that would be great. Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: A Dumb Archivists’ Toolkit Thing

  1. L, what version of AT are you using? Our instance does not have a ” Configure Application” option in the Setup dropdown… I’m so jealous.

    1. We are using 2.0.0 – but maybe the ability to see this option on the Setup menu is tied to your user status? I know there are different levels of authority and you may need to be classed as a ‘Super User’ to see it (Super User is a level 5. That level is under Users, then double click your profile in the list, then there is a field for Access Class. I’m assuming only another super user can change these access rankings, so hopefully someone is a 5!). Good luck 🙂

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