Friday Favorite: Learnin’ about ArchivesSpace

Things got away from me a bit so here we are, it’s Monday, and I’m posting a Friday Favorite. I missed one entirely a few weeks ago but that was planned – I was attending the Society of American Archivists Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. And that brings me to the topic of this Friday Favorite.

At both the SAA conference and at the Western Roundup super-regional this year, my biggest ‘practical’ reason for wanting to attend was to hear about the experiences of people who had migrated to ArchivesSpace. What have I learned? Basically this: everything will be fine as long as you’re not migrating from Archon to ArchivesSpace. Unfortunate, that.

In any case here are all my notes from the relevant sessions, which may or may not be helpful but I thought they were at least worth sharing more widely. Hope they give some food for thought and sorry for any weird notes to self and/or incomprehensible acronyms. I did try to clean it up!

ArchivesSpace Notes


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