Friday Favorite: @DebatingDW Podcast

As with my last Friday Favorite, I’m writing about one of the few podcasts I listen to on a regular basis. Debating Doctor Who is an independent podcast hosted by Alasdair Wilkins and Caroline Siede, who both write for A.V. Club. I know lots of my fellow archivists and other followers like Doctor Who too, and this podcast is a great balance between crazy in-depth nerd-ery and nice, rational, thoughtful analysis of the show and its characters. Caroline is more of a NuWho, RTD fan, and Alasdair is more of a Classic+NuWho, Moffat lover. I watched way more Classic Who in grad school than was good for me, so I love that Alasdair can bring the old episodes into the conversation – though always without making you feel inferior for not always knowing what he is talking about. They balance each other nicely and provide good perspective on the show past and present.

So if you want a new podcast or you need people to virtually debrief with over the course of the Doctor Who season, I would highly recommend Debating Doctor Who.

Happy Friday, everyone, and Happy Halloween!



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