What I’m Doing Now

I made a decision a little while ago that I really needed to leave my position. What has happened since has been a whirlwind, and ended with me accepting a position as a Taxonomist and Browse Developer for Amazon.

I started to think about how I wanted to blog about this, and realized it would take more than one post to explore this decision, my thoughts on the archival profession, and what I am experiencing at the job I have now.

So I’ll be posting a series of blog posts on the following topics, hopefully about once a week:

  1. Why I starting looking for a new job, or Meditations on the Archival Profession
  2. How I went about looking for work, or What You Can Do with an Info Science Degree
  3. What my new job is like, or Meditations on Workplace Culture
  4. What I will do now, or Working in Archives Outside the Structures of Power

I hope you will enjoy the series, and that it will help people to think about the archival profession and its position in the larger realm of Information Sciences. I am forever thankful for everyone who virtually interacts with me from across the LAM professions. Hope you are all having a wonderful beginning to 2016 and I’ll “see” you again soon…


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